About Us

Magmotor Technologies has over 100 years of experience delivering brushed and brushless motors to our loyal customers.  Our continued business with our dedicated customers is proof that our motors continue to meet and exceed expectations and we strive to continue that trend.  As a company with a perspective planning for the long term, we know every customer counts and that our future depends on satisfied customers that keep coming back.  We understand our products represent us better than anything we can write, which is why our quality and service are extremely important to us.  Every single industrial scale electric motor we produce is tested at least twice before it ships out of our facility. 


Our ability to design, quote and build custom motors enables us to provide the services of a one stop shop.  The vast number of different frame diameters, stack lengths, Neodymium or Ferrite magnets and adders such as brakes, encoders and tachometers allow us to find the exact solution required for nearly any situation.  Whether testing the resiliency of our motors in the Battlebot arena or providing NASA with motors for their Athlete and Chariot rovers, we deliver custom solutions based on your specifications.